ID ROTO SOLUTION, From the idea to the object


Plast’ Heat© process is a breakthrough technology within the rotational molding technic.

This is the only process enable to manufacture hollow parts based, nonetheless on high temperature engineering thermoplastics such as: PEI, PEEK but also PC, PVDF, PA11, PA 12 ….

Plast' Heat© can produce complex shape parts with significant weight reduction compared to metal and even to traditional rotomolding process.

Plast’ Heat© is able to mold parts fulfilling the EN 45545 norm of the Railways industry.

With Plast' Heat© you can design 3.0 mm wall thickness part which meet the R6 HL3 specification (EN 45545 norm) and can be delivered with different opaque colors.

EN 45545 material compliant (R6 HL3 classification), high temperatures, lighter, complex body shape, colors… Plast' Heat© provides the cutting edge rotomolded solutions to the Railways industry.

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